Autharium FAQs 

Can I get anything published?

We don’t restrict the type of work that Autharium publishes to specific genres but we do set some basic provisions that need to be adhered to. Your work needs to be your own, of creative merit, be well formatted and of a quality that you would buy yourself if you weren't the author. Books published by Autharium are curated and those which are created purely as a marketing vehicle for services, websites or contain affiliate marketing links cannot be published through Autharium.  For more information see What we Publish or our terms and conditions for more details on exactly what will and will not be published.

We only publish quality original eBooks where you, as the Author, Publisher or Agent own the copyright and hold the digital rights.

We will work with you to ensure that your eBook meets our minimum standards. This includes, but is not limited to:

Cover image - professional and relevant. Includes Author name and title.
Editing - we will review, edit and suggest changes to text and story flow.




How much does it cost to be published?

Nothing, zilch, nada. Autharium is the first direct ebook publishing eco-system created by creatives for creatives so there are no up front costs to use the site or be published whilst in beta. As an author you can upload your work, preview how it will look when published, release it for feedback from fellow book lovers or go straight to publishing. As long as your book is within the publishing guidelines, your book will be published and distributed for Free - no subscription charges, nothing up front and no other mysterious hidden charges. The net royalties that are collected from your book sales, through our retail partner sites and direct, are then split 85% in your favour and Autharium keeps the other 15%.

It really is that straight forward, as you can see from fellow authors on the testimonial page.


How do I market my ebook?

Autharium is feature rich with tools to help you with your book marketing. These include social sharing tools, promotional pricing tools, free previews - through the online ereader, free profile pages - so you don't need to pay for a standalone website, the list goes on. There are also additional resources and guides that can be found throughout Autharium. To get started with your ebook marketing plan here are our top 10 eBook marketing tips.


How do I build my publishing Dream Team?

Autharium is full of talented creative people, some of these will help you with your book in the spirit of community and shared common goals and others are publishing professionals who can help you with your book for an agreed fee or share of book sales. Whether you need a line, copy or structural editor, help from a proof-reader, a killer cover design or marketing and PR support you can find them here.


How do you decide what price to sell my book at?

You decide what price your book is, although we will advise on the best price for your book based on the market. You can set the list price (i.e. the price the book should be listed at) and you can also set a sale price if you want to run a price promotion on your book.  You can even choose to give away your book for free. You can control these prices through the Publishing options tab for your book.


So do you lose rights posting a novel for review on Autharium?

Of course not. If fact when you post your writing on Autharium you can also use this as proof of effective copyright. More information can also be found here within the Publishing Terms and Conditions.


What formats can I upload to Autharium?

We can accept the following: Microsoft Word doc, docx, html, ePub, rtf, lit, mobi, PDF, text and TCR.

We recommend using a .doc file which can be created using Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or similar. If you want a good free .doc Word Processing application go here – OpenOffice.

However, if you are not comfortable using a Word Processor then our in-page eBook editor is pretty cool.



What does Autharium do with my book once I upload it?

First of all your book is stored in a secure place. You can read and edit the book once it is uploaded using our in page editor. You can release your book to the Autharium community for preview if you want some feedback before we publish it. The community can add comments to your book by highlighting the specific text or areas of the book. You can then review these comments.

Once you are happy that your book is ready to be published you can submit it for publishing. At this point Autharium will check your book using our team of editorial staff. If we are happy with the book we will confirm the publication and distribute the book around the world retailers and libraries.

Please be aware that Autharium does not publish every book that is submitted. Each book is subject to review prior to completing the publishing process. We will always tell you why a book cannot be published and may suggest changes that would make the book acceptable.



Can I upload Public Domain books that I have formatted differently or tweaked?

No, we only accept original works from the original Author or Publisher.


How does the conversion process work?

The Autharium conversion process takes an original file format such as Word or PDF and converts it on publication to all the major eBook formats. This conversion platform has been developed by Autharium specifically for eBooks.


Can you put me in touch with a cover designer, illustrator, editor, proofreader or translator?

You can post a request message on your profile and members of the Autharium community will get in contact.


Can I offer my services as a cover designer, proofreader, translator, illustrator or other?

Yes you can, advertise your services on your profile page. However, accounts that spam other community members will have their accounts deleted.



How much will I receive for a book sale?

You will receive 85% of the net revenue from a book, i.e. 85% of the money we receive from the retailer after taxes and transaction charges have been accounted for. The amount taken by the retailer tends to vary from around 30% of the cover price to up to 50%. If however, your book is sold from the Autharium site, no retailer charges are applied, meaning your 85% is a portion of a higher amount!

For example, a book sold in the UK on the Apple iBook store for £5.99 will incur 20% VAT (UK sales tax) leaving £4.99; of this Apple takes a further 30%, leaving £3.49 of which the author then receives 85% or £2.97.



Autharium will do the following with your eBook once published: 

1. Send through promotional material and samples to all the major retailers and distributors.

2. Create a British Library CIP record for your eBook.

3. Create a full Nielsen record for your eBook.

4. Distribute to over 13,000 libraries worldwide.

5. Provide all the tools necessary to promote your books on social networks.

6. Provide a profile page for every book you create.


Which retailers will sell my eBook?

We will distribute your eBook globally to a growing list of retailers that include, but are not limited to:

Apple iBookstore
Barnes and Noble (UK & US)
The Book Depository

Books On Board
Google Books

Google Play
Independent Booksellers




Ultimately, as with any book and publisher, the ultimate decision to sell it sits with the retailer.



How about ISBN’s?

Every eBook we publish is assigned an ISBN for each format, in-line with the International ISBN guidelines. There is no charge for these Autharium covers the cost as the publisher.


When will I receive the money generated from my book sales?

Monthly – depending on the timing of the sales. Revenue from different partners within the network comes through at different rates. We aim to send you your money 30 days post sale. We do this to allow for refunds and order cancellations.


How long does it take to become published?

Once approved for publishing Autharium will publish books in a matter of a few minutes; if the work is complete with formatting, spelling and cover all present and correct.  These books will be made available to purchase on the Autharium website and selected partners.


How long does it take to get my book distributed to other retailers?

Your book will be distributed out to our retail partners the day after it is published. As we work with both large and small online retailers the time it takes to be merchandised onto their online shelves varies. As a guide it ranges from 24 hours to 3 weeks depending on the retail partner.


Will my book be sold on the Apple ibookstore and Amazon?

Yes and many other places. The requirements that books being sold on the ibookstore and Amazon have to adhere to in relation to format and pricing are all taken care of by Autharium.



Do you place adverts in my book?

No, and we will never do this.