What is Indie about and who is it for?


In 2010, after lots of discussion, coffee meetings and general chats with authors, editors, independent publishers, cover designers, agents, booksellers and booklovers, we thought why not create the first all-in-one collaborative publishing and reading platform. We started building what was to become Indie shortly afterwards.

We saw that there was a clear need for a publishing option that sat between the ease and scalability of self-publishing and the level of curation and distribution normally seen in traditional publishing. More importantly a place was needed where an Author could be a Creative Director and collaborate with experienced professionals who could help them perfect their work..

The Indie platform enables an author to create a virtual team of editors, proofreaders, cover designers and others to help them maximise the potential of their work. Indie provides a collaborative in-page writing, review and editing function and a place for an author to release all, or part of, their work for community review. There are no upfront charges for using Indie. You can, if you want, pay other community members for their services, but that is between you and them.

Indie’s part in this is to provide the place and technology to help people collaborate, create and edit ebooks in multiple formats all attached to a world-class digital distribution network.

Our global distribution network includes Apple, Google, Amazon, Barnes and Noble (US & UK), Bookshout!, Kobo, Sony, Waterstones, Overdrive, Gardners, Libraries and hundreds more.

After perfecting your ebook, you can submit your book for publication or take it away and do what you want with it. If you choose to publish with Indie, our submissions team will review your book and feedback any suggested changes.

You can see your sales in your dashboard and sell your ebooks directly from your author page.

As an author you receive 85% of net sales revenue.

No draconian length of copyright contracts, no signing away of movie, merchandising or physical book rights.