Submissions Guidelines


FOR FICTION The work should have a strong plot, with three dimensional characters who generate interest and emotional connection.  The book should be well-planned and believable.   There should be a strong story line and an ending that befits the journey through the book, leaving the reader satisfied (note: this does not necessarily mean tying up all the loose ends, especially if a sequel is planned). 

FOR NON-FICTION The work must be well researched with full attribution. It should be well-written, with clear illustrations and checked for errors (preferably by another person with expertise in the relevant field). We are far more likely to publish the book if it has been endorsed by a subject matter expert other than the Author(s).


What types of books are we looking for, those books that demonstrate...

Great quality writing

Creative merit

New and interesting writing 

Believable, three-dimensional characters

We are particularly interested in the following genres:  Historical fiction, Espionage, Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Crime and Mystery, Young Adult fiction, Travel, Serious History or Authorised Biography (well researched and attributed), Family and Health, Religion and Spirituality, Politics and Current affairs, Science and Technology, How-to, Dramatic Works and Screenplays, Collections of original poetry, Computing and software guides, Humour, Textbooks/Academic Books.


Things that make it less likely for your book to be published

A bad cover, it needs to look professional (we have professional cover designers in the community who will be happy to help you)

Lots of images/tables

Spelling/grammatical errors

Anything potentially libellous

Anything gratuitously offensive or illegal

We are currently not looking to publish the following genres Puzzles & Games, Photography, Unauthorised Biographies, Picture Books and Hardcore pornography. 

Romance/light erotica is acceptable though.  


A few words on book lengths

One of the big questions we get asked as publishers is how long a book should be…  Well, how long is a piece of string?  We would say that a book should be long enough to tell an outstanding story in a compelling manner!

However we do have a few guidelines for the length of works submitted to Indie…

We will consider Short Stories at 5,000 - 14,999 words (we will generally not accept works less than 5000 words).  We may suggest that stories of this length are compiled in anthologies (potentially alongside other authors) or are offered for free as a taster of your writing work.

We will accept novellas at 15,000 - 39,999 words but will suggest that you price them relative to their length (though the final decision on this will always be down to you).

We will happily accept novels at 40,000 words and up though for the sake of our readers we might think twice about novels larger than 150,000 words!

Obviously the number of words is not as critical in books of original poetry; in these cases however, you will have to think hard about formatting of the work (as much will be lost when viewed on eReading devices).

We do not publish…

Books where the majority of content is imagery, such as pictorial children's books as we believe there are other places that can partner with you better on this.


We are not interested in publishing books that...

We will not publish descriptions of non-consensual sex intended to titillate and arouse. Under no circumstances will we publish depictions of the sexual abuse of minors, Incest, Bestiality and/or Necrophilia or works intended to encourage racism, harm to others or hatred of others.